English-speaking customers

English-speaking customers

Welcome to Elvebredden Caterings webshop!

We offer catering for private customers and companies, and has a wide range of both high-quality food, personnel, facilities, transportation and rental equipment. Everything from one supplier!  We take assignments abroad, and has specialized in supplying film and televisionproductions, VIP dinners, conferences and company parties for up to 5000 people. You can even hire chefs, bartenders or waiters for travel assignments.

Contact us by phone or e mail for information and menus in English. Our customer service is open from 07:00 until 17:00. We can also be contacted on our main number outside office hours in urgent cases.  We look forward to serving you! Telephone: 47 22 67 91 80  -  E-mail mat@elvebreddencatering.no

About Elvebredden Catering

The word Elvebredden translated to english means literally Riverside. When the company was founded in 2003, our kitchen and preparation facilities were located on the bank of the river Akerselven, and for this reason the first company vehicle was in fact a small boat for making deliveries to islands, other boats and locations along the Oslo harbor.

Today, over 15 years later, Elvebredden Catering is one of Oslo´s largest catering suppliers and employs between 50-90 people, depending on the season. Since the very beginning our team of drivers, cooks, servers, and office workes have been an international group of people from just about every corner of the world. English is spoken and understood by nearly everyone here, so we are more than happy to take your call or email in english.

The menu includes Norwegian party-food staples, but we are best known for tapas and a contemporary continental selection of dishes for fine dining and informal events.

In 2017 we had a total turnover of approx. 53 million NOK.

Who do we serve

Our primary area of business is the city of Oslo and surrounding areas. This accounts for the vast majority of our deliveries. However, on occasion we venture out to events all over the world. We have travelled with film and TV crews on location on such productions as 71 Grader Nord, and countless other filming locations. In addition, we have served traditional Norwegian food at locations such as the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Havana Cuba. Our client base is approx 40% private customers, 30 % communal and state, and the remaining 30 % private sector business.


Here at Elvebredden Catering, we have had the fortune to work for a great number of distinguished clients. We take all clients, and every assignment as serious as the next one. Big or small in scale. We enjoy serving repeat customers again and again and feel this is the best testament of our commitment to quality catering services.

Etical and environmental standards

We are very serious about conducting business in a respectable and honest manner. This includes sourcing Fair Trade and ecological goods where possible. In addition we are committed to not making unnecessary impact on the environment. We have in place a number of routines and guidelines to help reduce waste and schedule smarter deliveries thus by reducing fuel and emissions.

The founder

Elvebredden Catering was founded in 2003 by Espen Mikal Gryt. Espen is from the northern village of Skjerstad, just outside Bodø. Espen was an apprentice at the Grand Hotel in Oslo under head chef Wolfgan Tôpfer, and he graduated as a chef in 1997. As a graduate cook, Espen traveled to Togo on the West African coast and worked at the French gourmet restaurant Le Malesen. When Espen came home, he was offered to take a position as head chef at Rica Nordkapp and was Rica's youngest head chef. In the years that followed, Espen worked at various restaurants and catering companies in the capital until he established Elvebredden Catering in 2003. Espen is today chairman and sole proprietor of the company and of the group Culinary Holding.

Contact us

Our english speaking staff are happy to assist, should you wish to place an order or have questions in general about the goods and services we offer.

Call ( 47) 22 67 91 80 and press 5 for our English menu.
Email: mat@elvebreddencatering.no